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Fariha Parveaz

Fariha Parveez is Pakistani pop singer . She got lot of success is very short period .She have very sweet voice .She is not only a beautiful singer she also got an attractive personality .Fariha hosted a kids' singing show and flirted with acting briefly. After a few years of learning and experimenting, she joined Maestro Feroze Gill and Ustad Ghulam Hussain Shagan, belonging to Gwalior Gharana, in 1995 to train her voice. Then, she met Mr. Sattar Khan, a renowned advertiser, who, persuaded by her abilities, swayed Fareha to do an experimental album. Released in mid nineties and titled "Nice & Naughty”, it broke all records of popularity. The Basant song “Dil Hua Bo Katal” became a trendsetter and boosted Basant's popularity to unprecedented heights. She is very popular in young generation of Pakistan .Her songs are very popular in both girls and guys equally .

Fariha Parveaz 



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