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Atta Ullah Essa Khailvi


Atta Ullah Essa Khailvi

Saraiki Folk Singer

Attaullah Essakhailvi    is Pakistani  Folk singer. Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khailvi was born on 19th August 1951 in a  Essakhail town of District Mianwali .First time he was invited to do a show on Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur in 1972.
He sung songs in Urdu ,Saraiki and Punjabi . But most of his  songs are in Saraiki .He is very popular in Sairakies  .He has dominated the folk music scene of Pakistan for over thirty years. He gathers thousands in his audiences whenever and wherever he performs. .His followers were spread all over the world and demands were growing for him to be heard. He performed in many countries. He has the world record for the highest number of audio albums ever released by a singer
Atta Ullah Khan Niazi  acted in few films also but he did not get much success in films are an actor .In 1992 he received pride of performance Award from President of Pakistan



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