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Aamir Saleem



Amir Saleem is a Pakistani singer .He was born in Multan . Aamir Saleem started singing when he was in school and he bought his first guittar after working in a hotel as a receptionist in summer holidays. He moved to Karachi in 1987. He used to sing with different bands to make money and record his first solo album that took three years to complete.
His first solo album, "Musafir" was a hit in 1991 among all age groups. His song "Woh Taron Bhari" was hit and his album sold well. It was released by Shalimar recording Company but unfortunately Aamir Saleem could not get financial benefits from his best selling album.He is also hosting a live show on PTV National and on FM 107. Aamir Saleem recently released his 6th Album "Dil Da Quater". This album features Punjabi songs.



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